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Fun Science 2017 Full Kit – Middle School

Designed to meet 2017 Division “B” Science Olympiad “Wright Stuff” specifications. This is an entirely NEW kit that utilizes carbon fiber rods for key components to reduce warpage issues, increase aerodynamic efficiency, increase strength and decrease weight. It has an innovative airfoil design. The ribs are laser cut to build completed wings that are a full 45cm with an 11cm chord. There are adjustable components allowing for the ultimate in learning, experimentation and flying success! It contains essential laser-cut fixtures to hold parts in the proper orientation for building.

Full KitThis is a 2 airplane kit. It contains two Ikara 15cm propellers (trim with scissors to 14cm) and all hardware to build top-notch competition planes. Includes 31 pages of instructions to provide even novice builders with the step by step construction process and a full aerodynamics lesson for insights on how to fly and win. All wood carefully considered to yield enough strength and durability yet be built to the minimum 7.5g weight requirements when following instructions. It is packaged with ultra-light Mylar covering and includes a covering cradle. Custom cut rubber in 3 different widths (13g each) is also included. This kit will require a winder (ordered separately - 15:1 ratio recommended).

       $ 64.00

Fun Science 2017 Partial Kit

This partial kit contains all of the materials to build 2 more airplanes, but does NOT contain any instructions, drawings, rubber, building fixtures or covering cradle. Do not order this unless you already have all of these items from a FULL KIT. This partial kit contains all laser-cut parts including ribs, wing mounts and motor sticks. It also has the balsa motor stick reinforcement, two sizes of carbon fiber rods, and hardware bag (same as in the full kit, including all plastic pieces, Kevlar thread and misc. small parts). It also has a roll of Mylar and 2 propellers. Multiple partial kits may be packaged in the same box.

       $ 34.00

Helicopter 2017 Full Kit – High School

This kit was designed specifically for Science Olympiad competition. It contains all materials to build two complete 20 cm span rubber powered helicopters. It contains carbon fiber rods for the leading and trailing edges of the rotor blades, laser-cut cambered ribs and fixtures to allow building symmetrical, warp free rotors in both clockwise and counter clockwise pitch configurations. The rotors can be configured with 2, 3 or 4 blades on the top and on the bottom. The extra-long 16” motor stick is reinforced with a Kevlar thread to build an ultra-light truss to reinforce the motor stick.

Full Helicopter

Thirty-three pages of instructions and drawings help to insure success by even novice builders. There is an aerodynamics section discussing how these helicopters work and how to find increased success. With the supplied very light weight balsa and Mylar covering, these helicopters should build up close to the 2.5 gram minimum weight. Two bags of FAI Tan Super Sport Rubber is also included (17 grams each of .094” and .085”). This kit will require a winder (ordered separately - 15:1 ratio recommended).

       $ 59.00

Helicopter 2017 Partial Kit

This includes only materials to build 2 additional helicopters. It does NOT include Mylar, fixtures, instructions or rubber. Do not order this partial kit unless you already have the Full Kit. It does include carbon fiber rods for the rotor blade leading and trailing edges, laser-cut sheets providing motor sticks, ribs and other small pieces, .020” diameter piano wire and all other hardware included in the full kit (including plastic hooks and bearings, small sanding block, Kevlar and O-rings). Multiple partial kits may be packaged in the same box.

       $ 29.00

redbulletIndoor Flyer 2011

This 2 airplane kit is designed to meet TSA (Technology Student Association) “Flight Endurance” specifications for the years 2011 - 2015 and can be modified for other events. TSA rules require a ROG (Rise off Ground) takeoff, so landing gear is included. Ribs and wheels are laser cut from very light balsa to increase success and reduce building time. It includes detailed building instructions and an Aerodynamics lesson with many insights into flight trimming for best performance. This is a TSA National Championship winning design.

This kit uses sharp, drooping leading edges on both the main wing and the horizontal stabilizer. It contains 2 fixed pitch Ikara propellers and all hardware to build two top-notch competition planes. Easy to adjust and forgiving to fly. Materials are chosen to weigh near minimum weight when built per instructions. Extremely light weight Mylar covering is supplied as well as custom cut rubber in 3 different widths. A rubber winder will be required.

Freedom Flight Models will be releasing a NEW 2017 version featuring carbon fiber components in late November to meet the new TSA regulations.


15 cm Propeller Assembly

This 15 cm diameter propeller is manufactured by Ikara and can easily be trimmed with scissors to the new Science Olympiad 14 cm regulations. This is a very light-weight efficient propeller where the whole propeller assembly weighs less than 1 gram. It is the same as included with the NEW 2017 Fun Science kits. The photo is of 2 propellers to show side and front view but are priced individually.

       $ 3.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletNEW 24 cm Propeller Assembly

This 24 cm diameter propeller is manufactured by Ikara for Freedom Flight Models. This is one of the most efficient non-flaring propellers yet and is very easy to get GREAT results. It is the same as included with the NEW 2015 Fun Science kits. Weight is approximately 2.2 g. and has a 4 cm maximum chord width. Photo of 2 props to show side and front view but are priced individually.



       $ 4.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletBroad Blade “Flaring Style” Propeller Assy.

24 cm diameter with the same construction and materials as the standard Ikara propellers but a much wider chord located mostly ahead of the spar. This allows the thin plastic blades to slightly flex to a steeper pitch at the beginning of the flight to slow down the climb and conserve winds, but then flex back to the original flatter pitch for the remainder of the flight. This is a method of making somewhat of a variable pitched prop but still comply with S.O rules. These propellers are a bit heavier at 2.8 g and are commonly sanded and trimmed. Photo shows side and front views but are priced individually.

       $ 4.50

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletIkara Propeller - 8 7/8"
(Legal for SO competitions)

Includes extra light propeller assembly weighing approximately 1.8 grams. No shaving necessary! Blade material is approximately .009" thick. Measures 8 7/8” diameter (22.5 cm) and can be trimmed with scissors to meet some competition rule requirements. Hub can be bent with pliers to alter pitch. This is the same propeller that is included in the kits above. It does include the pre-installed .020” shaft and Nose Button. Use a Front Hook (as shown below) to mount to motor stick – not included.



       $ 3.50

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletPropeller – 9 ½” Molded Orange Plastic (Used with “Science Buddies” Experiment)

This molded plastic propeller is ideal for the “Efficient Propeller Design” experiment written up on the Science Buddies website. It is manufactured for outdoor rubber powered airplanes, and has a nice wide 1 5/16” chord, making it an excellent choice to trim down to narrower widths for experimentation. The original center hole is 3/64” diameter, but we will custom drill it to friction fit onto the 2mm shaft motor recommended in the experiment. If ordering these propellers for rubber powered flying, please send an e-mail asking us not to resize the center hole. For best results with the experiment, trim an even amount from the leading and trailing edges to make narrower chords. The experiment recommends 4 propellers, but commonly 6 are ordered in case spares are necessary.

       $ 3.00

redbulletCustom Cut Rubber – Above .075” width - 17 gram bag

This is FAI Tan Super Sport, the gold standard in model airplane rubber. Specify width in an e-mail to us such as .079”, .085” or .094”. Deviations in width always occur when custom cutting rubber. Differing interpretations in measurement are also possible however, care will be taken to match your needs as closely as possible.

      $ 3.50

redbulletCustom Cut Rubber – Below .075” width - 13 gram bag

This is FAI Tan Super Sport, the gold standard in model airplane rubber. Specify width in an e-mail to us such as .052”, .058” or .065”. Deviations in width always occur when custom cutting rubber. Differing interpretations in measurement are also possible however, care will be taken to match your needs as closely as possible.

      $ 3.50

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletWinder - 10:1 Ratio

Built by K & P in England (smooth, high quality - yellow) and is the winder of choice of most top competitors. A quality winder is essential to “feel” the torque of the rubber while winding to achieve maximum performance. Shown is the 10:1 Ratio Winder preferred by Helicopter flyers that use heavier rubber motors (usually above .093”). Notice that it can be identified by the white tip at the output shaft.

       $ 20.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletWinder - 15:1 Ratio

This is the same winder as shown above except that it has the 15:1 ratio gears that is favored by light weight airplane flyers (rubber motors usually below .093”). Notice that it can be identified by a blue tip at the output shaft.

       $ 20.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletPropeller Pitch Gauge

New and improved. Now constructed of basswood with a larger protractor to allow easier measurement of the broad blade propellers. Designed to be used with the Ikara propeller assemblies. Allows you to easily slip your propeller off of the airplane and onto this gauge. Used to accurately measure pitch (angle) of the propeller blades after bending the plastic hub. This is an important tool to maximize flight performance by matching your propeller pitch to the rubber band that you are using for the size of the building that you are flying in.


Bottle with Brush Top

redbulletPrecision Digital Scale

This large platform Mini Digital Scale is accurate to .01 gram with a maximum capacity of 500 grams. It is excellent for evaluating the weight of individual pieces of balsa as well as completed weight of your model. But you may find its primary use is weighing rubber to make motors, as this must be done accurately in order to expect consistency. Plastic cover doubles as handy weighing tray. Bright LCD read out. Comes with AAA batteries.

      $ 22.00

Freedom Flight Modelsredbullet2 Propeller Kit - Ground Adjustable with Hardware

This kit will allow you to cut your own blade profiles from pre-cambered .011” plastic and glue them to wooden toothpick spars that are friction fit into a center hub. This allows the ultimate in freedom to experiment and discover what works best for your airplane. Also included are all mounting hardware (including propeller hangers) and Ikara hub to allow building custom fixed pitch versions. Depending on your blade profile, entire assembly will weigh from 1.4 – 3.0 grams. These kits come with all mounting hardware (including nose hangers) to make them useable on other models as well. A propeller pitch gauge should be used to set the angle of the blades (not included)

       $ 10.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletExtra Propeller Blade Material (4 pre-cambered .011” plastic sheets 4” x 4.75” with wooden toothpick spars)

This will allow you to build multiple replacement blades for the adjustable hub and experiment with different blade profiles.

       $ 8.00

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletFront Hook

This is the small plastic piece that is glued onto the forward end of the Motor Stick to receive the Ikara propeller assembly.  This set up allows for quick and easy propeller removal or change.  Mounting ring measured .203” I.D. or .51 cm and weighs .09 gram.

       $ .50 each

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletRear Hook

This is the small plastic piece that is glued onto the rear of the Motor Stick that the end of the rubber motor will hook onto. Measures approximately .200” or .5 cm long and weighs .035 gram.

       $ .50 each

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletNose Buttons (Rotor Shaft Support Bearings)

These are the same plastic pieces that are used with the Ikara propeller assemblies. Each weighs .115gr and slides into the front hook to allow easy removal of the upper rotor (or propeller). A tiny glass bead is included with each to help reduce friction..

       $ .50 each (includes bead)

redbulletPiano Wire (.020”)

This thin wire is used to make prop, rotor shafts, and extensions. Each piece is .020” diameter and is 12” long. It can easily be cut with wire cutters and bent with needle nosed pliers.

       $ .25

Freedom Flight ModelsredbulletO-Rings

Buna-N (Nitrile) 7/32” (.109”) Inside Dimension, 15/64” (.234”) Outside dimension. These are the perfect size O-Rings to use when attaching the winder to the rubber motor for winding and then to prevent loosing winds when removing the motor from the winder to attach it the rear rubber hook. Sold by the dozen.

       $ 2.00 per dozen

redbulletMylar Covering - 5 foot long x 12.3” wide on a roll

Crystal clear Mylar covering material (approximately 1.8 microns thick - .20g/144 sq”). This is the same film that is included in the Freedom Flight kits listed above. Be prepared, have an extra roll available for repairs or further experimentation.

      $ 5.00 per 5 foot roll – 12.5 inches wide

Bottle with Brush Top

redbulletBottle with Brush Top

This amber colored glass bottle has a one ounce capacity and is perfect to store and apply acetone. Acetone is used to dilute and dissolve model cement and is invaluable for using to reposition Mylar covering when using spray adhesive on balsa frames. Acetone must be purchased locally but these are a very good container for use and storage.

      $ 2.50

Bottle with Brush Top

redbulletDigital Micrometer – Manual - 0 to 1”

This is a precision measuring tool that can be invaluable when measuring sanded surfaces to obtain specified thickness.  It is very handy when sanding glider wings, flaps and tail surfaces as well as measuring propeller blade thickness when thinning flaring style blades.  It is also the tool of choice for measuring rubber width.

The digital read out (manual – not battery operated) is in .001 increments and the Vernier on the barrel reads down to .0001 accuracy.  Maximum opening is 1 inch.


      $ 25.00

Bottle with Brush Top

redbulletTorque Meter

This tool is valuable to quantify how much torque is in your wound rubber motor.  It is always best to wind off of the airplane to avoid damage if the motor should break while winding.  This tool is used by hooking one end of the rubber to the meter and the other to your winder, then stretch wind to maximum torque, reading the scale on its face to observe the inch ounces of torque applied.  If the rubber breaks, you learned from the experience and nothing else was broken.

However the most valuable use is to observe the torque left when De-winding to control altitude.  Can help to build confidence and consistency.
Designed with a winder box to hold our yellow K & P winders (winder NOT included).  It has all hardware for mounting to a board (not included – shown is a 1 x 3 x 33”).

       $ 29.00

redbullet20’ Long Collapsible Fiberglass Pole (46” collapsed)

These collapsible poles have 6 sections to telescope out to approximately 6 meters. They were originally manufactured for crappie fishing rods but are perfect for model retrieval to dislodge planes from the rafters or basketball goals. Their approximate wall thickness of the segments is .032” with a maximum pole diameter of 1.25”.

      $ 23.00

redbullet31’ Long Collapsible Fiberglass Pole (46” collapsed)

These collapsible poles have 10 sections to telescope out to approximately 9.5 meters. These poles are much more durable and have a wall thickness of approximately .063”. They weigh nearly 4.5 pounds with a maximum pole diameter of 1.88”.

       $ 75.00

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